Manufacturer Spotlight

Salisbury by Honeywell Introduces Innovative PrismShield™

Salisbury, a world-wide leader in electrical safety equipment for over 150 years, has introduced the revolutionary PrismSheld™ arc flash lens.  Committed to improving the safety and comfort of electrical linemen and workers, Salisbury acted upon customer feedback to provide an enhanced lens that provides full color recognition and high visibility.  Colors will not be distorted, and the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating maintain high visibility for longer periods of time and in diverse climates.  PrismShield™ lenses meet or exceed current ASTM F2178 and ANSI Z87.1 standards.  They are available in 12 to 20 cal face shields, all switch hoods and in the 20 and 40 cal versions of the Lift Front Hood. Due to increased safety standards, the PrismShield™ lens will not fit current frames. 

For more information and pricing on Salisbury by Honeywell’s PrismShield™ please contact The Aertker Company at 504-469-0136 or